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ENSOR 2020 online evaluation

OVAM attaches great importance to the quality of the events.

Thank you in advance for your feedback, so that we can optimize the upcoming events!

General evaluation
Policy 1 - State of the art on CEC in Flanders - EmConsoil, Griet Van Gestel, OVAM (Be)
Policy 2 -PFAS in soil and groundwater - initiatives for impacted sites in Germany, Jörg Frauenstein
Policy 2 - POP Up - An approach for new and emerging contaminants, Martijn van Houten, Witteveen+Bos
Research - PFAS Background levels and risk assessment in soil and sediments Arjen Wintersen, RIVM NL
Research - LIFE PHOENIX: Project updates and implementation of forecast tools

to support decision-making, Roberto Lava and Giovanni Onofrio, Venice Region (It)

Research - Atmospheric deposition of PFAS Elisabeth Van Bentum, Arcadis (Nl)
Pitches - Above-ground removal of PFAS from soils at 350 - 400°C, Marco Vandenbrand, TRS Europe (Nl)
Pitches - PFAS Treatment - Removal from Water as Particles, Jurgen Buhl, Cornelsen Umwelt (D)
Pitches First In Situ Treatment of a PFAS Plume in Europe, using Direct Push Injection

of Colloidal Activated Carbon, Kris Maerten, Regenesis (Be)

Pitches - Developing a new PFAS treatment technology (De-Fluoro™) Rick Parkman, AECOM (Be)
Reflection and final words
Content evaluation