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Call for abstracts - ENSOr online international workshop - “PFAS, more than a technical matter” – 20 and 21/10/22 For this fourth edition of our workshop on Emerging policy challenges on New SOil contaminants, we focus again on PFAS, albeit in a broader context: within what wider social context does the PFAS story play? How to take into account broader health issues? Have we lost sight of the P that stands for People in the PPP-approach? Do we take sufficient account of all stakeholders? Who should we communicate with and what should we communicate about?

We look for contributions on 4 different topics:

  • From toxicity values to remediation standards

    We look for presentations on toxicity of PFAS’s and how the findings are translated into useable and acceptable (remediation) standards for soil and groundwater. How to take (background) exposure from food and other sources into account?

  • PFAS and public health

    Taking policy decisions when there is no scientific consensus on the possible (degree of) harmfulness of a substance, forces policy makers to make difficult trade offs. How can we deal with uncertainty resulting from rapidly evolving scientific insights? How can a preventive health policy be combined with a risk-based soil (remediation) policy? We look for examples of how policy makers deal with this uncertainty in the decision-making process.

  • Stakeholdermanagement and participation

    "When the branches of the trees quarrel, their roots embrace", an old African saying goes. How can all stakeholders involved be identified and how do we achieve an inclusive form of stakeholder management where all voices - including the dissident ones - are heard? PFAS cases are complex and many parties are involved. How can we develop remediation concepts that are supported by citizens? We look for examples of how collaboration and communication between all stakeholders was managed.

  • Media and communication

    How to communicate in cases of environmental issues? Can carefully chosen communication strategies override negative mental models? For this theme we look for cases where communication was a decisive factor. What is the role of the media and public opinion on the approach of PFAS in soil and groundwater?

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