For this fourth edition of our workshop on Emerging policy challenges on New SOil contaminants, we focus again on PFAS, albeit in a broader context: within what wider social context does the PFAS story play? How to take into account broader health issues? Have we lost sight of the P that stands for People in the PPP-approach? Do we take sufficient account of all stakeholders? Who should we communicate with and what should we communicate about?

During two morning sessions, we will try to tackle these and other questions.

Online program day 1 - 20 October 2022

09:15 CET Registration
09:30 CET Introduction
Ann Cuyckens, OVAM
09:45 CET Moving PFAS policy forwards in times of crisis
Karl Vrancken, Opdrachthouder Vlaamse Regering
10:15 CET Experiences after 1 year of PFAS crisis in Flanders
Johan Ceenaeme, OVAM
10:45 CET Break
11:00 CET Novelty, Risk and Uncertain Science in Environmental Law
Kathleen Garnett, Law Group
11:20 CET Geostatistical data analysis tool for soil and groundwater data from DOV, application to PFAS contamination
Guillaume Vandekerckhove, UGent
11:40 CET Break
11:50 CET Remediation, risk assessment and cost benefits when it comes to PFAS contamination. How much, where and how? Dealing with contaminants with ever changing risk assessments. Government and the public -how to work together? PFAS remediation seen from a Norwegian perspective.
Vanja Alling, Norwegian Environment Agency
12:10 CET Stakeholder engagement for the first successful installation of an injectable in situ permeable reactive barrier to prevent the advection of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in Europe
Jack Shore, Regenesis UK
12:30 CET Interactive discussion - part 1
13:00 CET Closing

Online program day 2 - 21 October 2022

09:00 CET Registration
09:15 CET PFAS and human biomonitoring in Flanders
Maja Mampaey, Vlaams Planbureau Omgeving
09:45 CET What's the PFUSS all about versus PFAS, with the P from PANIC 
Jochem Goovaerts, RCA
10:15 CET Break
10:30 CET How to manage and confront with the public perception in PFAS contaminated sites in Italy
Stefano Polesello, Water Research Institute (IRSA-CNR)
10:50 CET Developing a societal acceptable remedial action plan for an important PFAS hotspot in Flanders : challenges and lessons learned? 
Dirk Nuyens, ERM
11:10 CET Break
11:20 CET The risks of PFAS in crops near a fluorochemical plant in the Netherlands
Tessa Pancras, Arcadis - The Netherlands
12:40 CET Development of a protocol for the risk assessment of complex PFAS contaminations
Stjin Decru, ABO
12:00 CET Interactive discussion - part 2
12:30 CET Closing

Workshop reconnu par le Département du Sol et des Déchets du SPW ARNE dans le cadre des dispostions de l'AGW du 6 décembre 2018 relatif à la gestion et l'assainissement des sols, à concurrence de 2 heures par matinée de participation.