ENSOr 2020 online program

09:30 Welcome - introduction - practical guidelines
Johan Ceenaeme, OVAM (Be)
Policy part 1
09:50 Introduction
Victor Dries, Ministrial cabinet (Flanders, Be)
10:00 State of the art on CEC in Flanders - EmConsoil
Griet Van Gestel, OVAM (Be)
10:30 Break
Policy part 2
10:45 PFAS in soil and groundwater - initiatives for impacted sites in Germany
Jörg Frauenstein, UBA (D)
11:15 POP Up - An approach for new and emerging contaminants
Martijn van Houten, Witteveen+Bos (Nl)
11:45 Lunch break
13:00 PFAS Background levels and risk assessment in soil and sediments
Arjen Wintersen, RIVM (Nl)
13:20 Atmospheric deposition of PFAS
Elisabeth Van Bentum, Arcadis (Nl)
13:40 LIFE PHOENIX: Project updates and implementation of forecast tools to support decision-making
Roberto Lava and Giovanni Onofrio, Venice Region (It)
14:00 Break
Pitchs on remediation techniques
14:15 Above-ground removal of PFAS from soils at 350 - 400°C
Marco Vandenbrand, TRS Europe (Nl)
14:30 PFAS Treatment - Removal from Water as Particles
Jurgen Buhl, Cornelsen Umwelt (D)
14:45 First In Situ Treatment of a PFAS Plume in Europe, using Direct Push Injection of Colloidal Activated Carbon
Kris Maerten, Regenesis (Be)
15:00 Developing a new PFAS treatment technology (De-Fluoro™)
Rick Parkman, AECOM (Be)
15:15 Break
Reflection and final words

Bavo Peeters (European Commission) - Johan De Fraye (NICOLE) - Dietmar Müller-Grabherr (Common Forum) - Wouter Gevaerts (Arcadis - consultants) - Johan Ceenaeme (OVAM)