“Le Marais” (James Ensor)
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Contaminants of emerging concern (CEC’s) have attracted increasing attention from scientists and policymakers worldwide, generating a massive influx of new knowledge. As a consequence, policymakers of national, regional and local level are being challenged to set the right priorities and create an applicable regulatory framework in the short to medium term.

At OVAM -the Public Waste Agency of Flanders- we are convinced that international cooperation, combined with a multi-stakeholder bottom-up approach, is the most appropriate way to achieve this aspiration. Therefore, we are delighted to invite you to attend our first International workshop on Emerging policy challenges on New SOil contaminants (ENSOr).

During this two-day workshop we will focus on CEC’s in soil and groundwater and how to mitigate their presence in these media. The first day will consist of a multitude of plenary sessions during which we will focus on the exchange of knowledge, experiences and encountered challenges between researchers, policymakers, experts ànd problem owners. The second day we will debate in parallel sessions on how to set steps towards a policy that benefits all.